Sunday, July 17, 2016


So, while it's Sunday morning... I'm actually writing this on Saturday night.   We got home from the Mid Winter Christmas Party at midnight, and I thought I better do a small post then... cos I'm bound to be in bed nursing a hangover right now!

Yep.  We had a blast at the party last night. I took a bottle of wine, not expecting to even drink half of it.  I DRANK THE WHOLE BOTTLE!!!

Got home pissed as a chook... but really happy.

We met lots of our neighbours... and really enjoyed the evening.

Totally didn't expect to.

Griffin has invited one of the neighbour's kids over today to play some game on the XBox.  

Brylee got the phone number of one of the teenage boys right next door... oh heck!  Fun and games to follow I'm sure.

Did I say we had a great time?  We really did.  We have a lot of neighbours who are just delightful.  *smiles*

I reckon we should have those sort of neighbourhood get togethers more often than yearly!

And I said so.

But back to today... as I said, I'm probably in bed feeling ill.  A WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE!!!  I can't believe I skulled a whole bottle of wine!

When I get up, I hope I don't throw up.

That's what happened the last time I drank that much.. which was oh... about 18 years ago, when my younger brother was still alive.  That's a long time ago.  Bloody hell.  Time flies eh?

So, until I arise and find out how bad I feel... I will continue sleeping! 

Catch ya later.


11.32 am:  And I'm up!  Stew brought me breakfast in bed... baked beans and eggs on toast.  It was lovely!  Thanks for making me hungry Anne.  *smiles*

Now I'm up and there's a few jobs to do around the house, and a few outside that Stew is going to tackle.

I think we have a kid visiting this afternoon to play XBox with Griffin... if his Mum remembers.

I don't have a hangover as such... but I do have a bad case of the "gotta run to the bathroom" shits!
Not pleasant, not at all.  But if that's all I get from downing a whole bottle of wine, I think I got off lightly!

Let's backtrack.... Stew and I went to Mitre 10 for a few little items... and I felt bloody awful!
I just wanted to come home and curl up in a ball. 
But I had jobs to do.  So... jobs are now done and I'm seriously considering crawling into bed again!

Stew is outside in the threatening rain... trying to finish off the dogs area.  
I might yet go and watch him.. you know... act like I'm helping, but really just watching.  *smiles*  I do that a lot when it comes to outside jobs.

4.37 pm:  And Yaaa... I'm back to normal!  I've been fluffing around in the house and checking out how Stew's going in the yard most of the afternoon.

 ABOVE:  He's done really well... taken down the old flip out clothesline and put the chicken wire down both sides of the extended dog run.  The dogs came and checked it out and seemed happy sniffing the new area.
Stew got it finished just in time, as now it's pissing down again.  Such changeable weather these past few days!

Next weekend he will dig out those two posts and re-position them in the garden, so I can put up the pig weather vane, and the wind thingee.

 ABOVE:  I hung 'DINE' on the wall... 

ABOVE:  And put the big jar on the table.
I also moved the 2 spare dining chairs from the end of the room, it was looking cluttered.

9.05 pm:  Well it's been a fairly cruisy day here.  Everyone is tired though, so hopefully an early night.


  1. Tiptoes quietly around the room, "oops, sorry" I mutter loudly as I bump noisily into the side of the bed, then with a loud clatter drop the tray of breakfast bacon, sausages eggs and toast which smells heavenly (mmmm smell the greasy smell of the bacon) then the door bell rings, the dogs start barking, kids come running into your room yelling and fighting and of course to "help" you get up in a good mood! I cheerfully belt out loud a very raucous round of "99 bottles of wine on a wall" as I pull the blinds up and let the glorious warm sunshine stream into your room.

    Then to top it all off, the telephone rings, the mobiles squawk and the Rv plus radios all turn on to help spread the morning cheer :)

    Gooooooooooooooooood Morning Chris :)

    Hehehehehe I giggle as I run out laughing my head off as I leave you struggling to open your eyes, feeling the headache from hell pounding in your head and your stomach starting to retch from the smell of all the greasy cooked food :)

    How you feeling eh Chris? :)
    Awwwww I love ya mate :)

    1. Hahahahaha, that is hilarious Anne :-).

    2. Bloody hell.... now I'm dreaming about baked beans and eggs on toast as I lie here in bed! I'm happy to report I FEEL FINE! Totally happy about that.... but then I ain't tried walking around YET. lol

    3. Me too, unfortunately we had no beans so ended up with cold leftover pizza from last night and roast lamb and stuffing from Friday's dinner, not exactly the most healthy :-).

  2. Glad you had an awesome night, more reinforcement that you have the right home and chose the right area. Drink lots of water - yes I know you hate it but it is the key to not feeling completely like crap.

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  4. Great to hear that you had a fantastic night! I wish we did things like this in our neighbourhood - maybe in the summer I will consider throwing a barbecue for the neighbours. I hope when you're up and walking the head isn't feeling too sorry for itself. A good fry up is always good though for soaking up alcohol the morning after, or Berocca! :)

  5. We have a good neighbourhood atmosphere at our beach house, especially in the summer but sadly not in Auckland. Heck, most of my neighbours don't even speak English! I often communicate with signs and actions (like charades) with them. Sign of the times in a big city, all the more reason why I'd love to move to a smaller town to live.

    Sadly I drink too much wine (and I know it). I would easily have had a one bottle yesterday spread out from afternoon to late night Texan holdem poker with family. Usually I try to stick to a glass or two though :)

  6. Sounds like you had a fun evening! What luck that you moved in to the neighborhood just in time for such a party! Perfect!

  7. How cool you had an awesome time and everyone found friends!! You are slowly but surely getting through your jobs good on you loving the knick nacks and little objects being added ( well big jar) and DINE next thing you will be sewing!! Have an awesome week tomorrow who knows you could read lounge around exercise walk, garden sew sleep!


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