Sunday, February 15, 2015


Well... I think I got a lot done on baby Alec's wall hanging last night.  I got all the pieces cut out and ironed down, now I have the massive task of doing all the stitiching/quilting/backing/binding etc.

Not a two minute job.  

But first, I have to go to Spotlight and buy some black thread.  This project will take a lot of it, and I've actually got NONE!

I don't know how I ran out of one of the most basic colours!  

Now.   I shall show you how far it's come, since it was just an idea yesterday afternoon:

ABOVE:  bear in mind there is still heaps to do... but you can get the drift.  The butterfly needs bright dots on it's wings I think.  
I personally wouldn't have put a butterfly on this wall hanging, but Bernadette wanted one.  Butterflies have a special significance to her and her family.

For the rest of the day, if we don't go out and about, I shall be sewing I expect.
So... until later...


We just did the grocery shopping.  It was OK, fairly busy in the supermarket but I didn't get all grumpy.

Lunch just done, now going to chill out for  a little while before going down to the sewing room.    I did get some more thread, inside Spotlight was bedlam! There is a big sale on right now, but I really don't need anything.

Huge queues at the fabric counter, luckily I only needed thread.  

Well... it's been a very quiet, uneventful day here.  I cooked beef nachos for dinner, it went down well with the family, expect for Dante, who found them a bit too hot.
So he had baked beans.

End of Day:  I am finding the days are getting slightly cooler... which is wonderful!
I still get hot as hell, but not as often.  
nite nite


  1. Love it. Love the butterfly too.

  2. Maybe you wouldn\t put a butterfly in that quilt.... But it has significance to the recipient.... And it is sooooo blasted cute! I am glad you found out about the butterfly significance and were able to put one in!!! Darling! I can\t wait for you to be able to use that new dining room!!!! waiting. waiting.....

  3. Such a bright quilt love the colours. Enjoying a sunny day, so far can't believe you had run out of black cotton!!

  4. Love that quilt! You are so talented! I love butterflies they are my good luck running charm :)

  5. The quilt is beautiful, love the sea horse.


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