Friday, July 19, 2013


I brought this thingee home from the Hospice Shop yesterday, cos none of us know what it does.

I'm hoping one of YOU do know.  
So... watch the video:

AND if ya know what it is, tell me!

Bex found my commentary on the video HILARIOUS!  She kept cracking up with laughter and mocking me!  I can't think why?
So, I repeat myself a few times... nothin' wrong with that is there?  And what's wrong with saying "it can go that fat... or that fat?"

Do I really sound like a twit???

Pfffft.  I don't care.

Today?  Gunna chill out most of the day I hope.  Probably get the house all spic 'n' span cos Mum is due here late tonight.
Like.... MIDNIGHT.
Stew and I will go out to the airport and pick them up.  


I forgot to mention... the fireplace comes back this morning, like... 7.30 am this morning.
I'm up and eagerly awaiting the men!  I love watching men work! lol

I have tried that contraption with a potato, does not work.
Now I will try an apple...

"Moving backdrop"... yeah that was Griffin... he can't keep still EVER!

Well... the men have come and gone....

So worth spending the $$$'s.  We have a totally new On/Off system which is so easy to operate now, and we can turn the flames down low or up high too.  We didn't have that option before.
Well hell... we had NO OPTIONS cos the darn thing wouldn't even turn on!
*smiles*... I'm so happy with it now.

ANON:  lol at #2 ?  What do you mean?  #2 kid?
#2 commentor?  Explain...  DOH.  #2 Kid (Lacy)

KEEP COMING WITH THE SUGGESTIONS...  Will have to buy a courgette Lynda, ain't got one to try it on...

MARKD60:   you are so funny sometimes.  I've never heard of a 'leavitright' before!  I am positive I shall be using that term myself in the future... THANKS!

Guess what happens when I have bugger all to do all day?  

I can post lots of photos!

Are we sick of photos yet?
And ... any more ideas on what that thingee is?

So... time on me hands... and with a lovely 'new' fireplace... I kinda decided to paint the fire surround.

So we found some brushes and Bex and I painted it...

I SWEAR I did do my share!  I just happened to be sitting down for a minute.  We only had one bigger brush, so had to take turns.

Now I have to hope it dries before me Mum and Ron arrive.  dumm dee doooo...

End of Day, and time to kick back and relax.  Well ... until 11.15pm, when we head out to the airport to pick up the olds.
nite nite.


  1. Oh does it make curly fries yum yum

  2. Curly fries? I'd be sticking some veges or fruit on it & having a go!

  3. Lmao luv the video ....don't know what the contraption is sorry. The moving backdrop was awesome .have a good day

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hi Chris, You were spot on. It's an apple peeler. I have my great-grandmother's one. Same colour too. Tina

  5. Tina is right, an apple peeler.

  6. It's a spiral vege cutter. Makes noodles out of courgettes etc. They cost a bomb in the shop!!

  7. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Apple Peeler, lol #2

  8. It's called a leavitright. Leave it right where you found it!

    15 tiappro
    orforu 1036
    3515 entriper

  9. Na, I suspect it is an apple peeler that is knackered.... that is why it was given away!! I suspect it simply does not work any more but keep trying, perhaps you are doing something wrong?

  10. LOL at MarkD60's comment...

  11. Still reckon it is an apple peeler, just happens to be a crap one, possibly been shoved in a box or a corner of a cupboard & become misaligned hence the butchering of the apple.

  12. Huuby says maybe potatoe peeler? I have no clue, but I do know, you sure are looking good!!!

  13. It's an ancient birth control contraption!!!! that's my only guess but my second guess would be apples! Turn the fire on to dry the paint? hope the visit goes well and at least there is a spare room to sleep in and you can be on the computer in the garage away from your mother!!! instead of the loo..

  14. I agree with all above that it might be a peeler, though I have never seen one like it. Keep us posted!

  15. Not one flipping clue what that is used for. Have a lovely weekend with Mom. I need to get an insert for my fireplace I can't stand using wood makes such a mess.

  16. Anonymous2:09 AM

    HI Chris,

    Have you ever tried doing a google image search? You would need to take a picture of the contraption and then go to the google site and search for similar pictures on the web. Ive used it to identify flowers, stools I saw on pintrest and lots of other things.



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