Sunday, January 22, 2017


So today... I'm hoping Steve will make some sort of stand so I can display my ink paintings and trivets/coasters at the up-coming craft fair.

He reckons it won't take much to sort something out.  We will see.

Apart from that, we really don't have any plans for the day!
Probably just enjoy the company.

I've made a few more small trivets, so will varnish them today and get them finished in the next day or two.

Bex made herself a large trivet tile yesterday too.  I will show you later.  It's quite nice.

Right, I'm off to get some more washing on.
Might not be the day for getting it dry outside though.  It rained last night quite a lot.


Talk about stormy weather!  Lots of places got hit hard overnight, luckily not too bad here.
A big tree just down the road spilt at the base and has fallen into the park.  My new little tree, in the new garden by the kitchen and lounge windows, lost one of it's new branches, but that's ok, we were going to trim it off anyway.

This weather is perfect for the gardens... masses of new growth everywhere.

I just hope it doesn't rain NEXT monday!  (30th)

Steve has gone out to talk to the people he built the big deck for, they want him to do more work for them.  Then he will build my display stand all going well.

The stupid sun has come out... but you can bet it will be pissing down again soon enough.  It's just one of those days.

Shit ya know it's a boring day when you talk about the weather!  lol

Saturday, January 21, 2017


If you bought or asked for coasters yesterday... you be lucky.  I am keeping the cost of them at $20 for blog readers.

At the craft fair, they will be $30.   

I am going to order a box full of the tiles in the 100 X 100 mm size, and make a shit load more!  lol

Today Steve, Bex and the boys are due for the weekend.  Steve is going to help me sort out how to display my tile paintings, trivets and stand alone tiles for the craft fair.
I'm sure we will nut it out just fine.

Our front door lock 'broke down' for some reason.  We couldn't get it to lock with the keys, which was a bit of a bugger.
So yesterday, late in the day, I had a locksmith call in and see why it wan't working.

He soon found the problem.  SOMEONE had tried picking our lock with a hairclip!!!
Hmmm... bit of a worry.  But luckily, we now have, in effect, TWO doors and two locks for any potential nasty person to break into, the screen door AND the 'proper' door.  

And in our case, our front door is made of STEEL.  Good luck breaking that down!

Today we will stay at home mostly.  At some point we will return Lacy to her home.
And that's all for now... catch ya later.


So... we ended up going to the Tamahere Craft Market, which is held once a month, like the Cambridge one. (NOT the one I'm going to on the 30th).
The Tamahere one was really good!  Way, way better than the Cambridge one, which is more trash than treasure.

I kinda bought something... but I'm not getting it yet.  I have to wait till I've paid for it!  I didn't have that much money on me today... or should I say, Stew didn't.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's a blue glass fantail and blue glass/bling set in a lovely wooden pole. You can't tell in the photo, but there's a big crystal suspended in the top 'gap'. Now I have to decide where in the garden I want it.

After browsing around the market, we went into Hamilton.  Did some shopping and came home.

This afternoon the kids arrived and the peace ended. *smiles*

ABOVE: It was nice while they were outside drawing on the driveway.  

Stew did dinner tonight.  We had chicken rissoles and salads.  

I'm starting to crave something stodgy like mac cheese!

The little kids will be off to bed soon, then peace will reign again.
We will probably watch TV and yak.

And that's the day done.

Friday, January 20, 2017


So, last night at dinnertime, Lacy felt sick as a dog.  Like, really sick.  Dizzy. Hot. Disorientated.

So, because she was already a bit under the weather, I took her to hospital.

And we sat ... and sat... and she had blood tests... and we sat some more.  For 4 bloody hours!

We finally got to see a Dr at 11.45 pm!  Got told she didn't have an infection, and to go home.

So ... we walk the miles of corridors back to the car park lifts.  I insert our car park ticket in the machine... and then my EFTPOS card to pay.

Only the machine refuses to accept my card, so we move over to the next machine.  Same thing.

Lacy points out the sign above the machine which says "Don't put your car park ticket near your cellphone, or it will corrupt your ticket".  

Guess where my car park ticket had been for 4 hours?  Right beside my bloody phone!  Shame that warning isn't actually ON THE BLOODY CARD EH?

So.  I ring the car park company, and they send down two car park people, who kindly tell me that they will waive the fee and let us out of the building manually.

That's GREAT.  Only, I can't remember which level my car is on.  Like... I thought (for some blonde reason), it would be recorded on the car park ticket?  Yeah, nah.

So, we have to take a seat and wait while the attendants go in search of my car!

Luckily, I could remember how many ramps I drove up, so they found it fairly quickly, and we got to leave that bloody building at around 12.40 am.

Got home and relaxed for 10 minutes before heading off to bed.

And that was my evening last night!  Such fun.

I've told Lacy she owes me XX number of hours housekeeping as payback.  

Today I'm taking the silly tart back home, and she can stay there and not bother me for at least a week or two!

Tallulah is going to the groomers today.  Coco goes next week. 

While Tallulah's there, I might pop over to Morrinsville to check out a shop I've found that sells art/craft stuff.  It looks interesting.

I will put photos of of the coasters I made yesterday... soon.  I just need the varnish to dry first!


COASTERS, sets of 4 for $20...

ABOVE:  If they sell well, I will make more.  But not yet.  I've got other shit to do.

Like the washing.  

2.27 pm:  And it's been a non-stop day so far.
Keera to kindy, Tallulah to the groomers, off to Morrinsville, where we got some more ink from the shop I found there.

Then home.  Made a tile for Lacy in Purple/pink and SILVER!  Then we picked up Keera and dropped her home with Brylee for her lunch.

Back into Hamilton to pick up Tallulah.

Now.. I'm going to make some trivets!

Well... I got some more trivets done!
And I tried using some silver mixative too... I made Lacy a Purple/pink and silver tile:

ABOVE:  She utterly loves it... which is nice.
It's not even varnished yet... but still looks good.

Dinner tonight was pork medallions done on the BBQ, lettuce salad and tomoato/cucumber and capsicum, tossed with fresh (from my garden) spring onions, mint and parsley.  Such a delicious mix.

Our day is winding down now, with the plan being to watch a movie on TV and then get an early night.
I've had a few very busy, tiring days and need to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, or I will live up to my nickname of CRABBY TART!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Yep, heading back to the pool this morning.  
I love being in the pool, and of course, so many of the people doing aqua fit are just lovely.

I ate too much yesterday, feel rotten about that.  So, damage control today/tomorrow.

Now that I've got all my tiles ready for the craft fair, I'm tempted to get my sewing machine out and do some sewing.
I've missed it heaps.

I will be working on making a valance for my bed first and foremost.  

And that's me day for now.


AND.... decision made. No aqua today ... I've got a killer headache.  I am almost seeing double it's that awful.

So, some pain meds then sit still for a while.  Maybe later I can get into my sewing room?

So... I had a two hour nap, then went into town.  Talked to the council about chickens.  They basically said we/they couldn't do anything about roaming chickens.  BUT, she has informed the enforcement officer, and he will go and talk to them about keeping their chickens in their own yard.

After that, the kids and I went into Hamilton and I bought some small tiles to make some coasters with.  Then we had lunch at McDonalds, with Lacy in tow too.

Then we came home.

ABOVE: The girls chillin, watching Dora The Explorer!  How thrilling.  NOT.

I made 4 sets of 4 coasters, in different colour ways.  Paula, maybe one set will suit you?
I will get them varnished tonight, then show you tomorrow.

Dinner tonight, sausages, lettuce salad and potato wedges.  Sounds good.

The evening didn't go as planned.  Some details tomorrow.

Off to bed, it's now 1.03 am.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Well it's going to be a quiet day on the blog.

After I drop Keera off at Kindy, I'm heading into Hamilton for the day.

I don't expect to be back home till late tonight.

The two big kids are on house/dog sit.  And later on, Brylee will walk down to Kindy and pick up Keera for me.

Then they, (B & G), will have to entertain her, feed her and make sure all is well until Stew gets home from work.

And that is all I shall be saying about today really.  My activities today are not shareable. 

So, until I am home again... have a nice day.


9.00 pm:  Home again.
It's been a long, long day.  Very tiring.  Lots of sitting/waiting/stress... but it's over now and everything is back to 'normal'.  Moving on.

Tomorrow I will be having an EXCELLENT day. I plan on going to Aqua Fit again... and then sorting out my tiles/pictures, making some price stickers etc.  I haven't sorted out how I'm going to display my tiles yet, but we will work on that this weekend.

And now... I'm going to finish watching Level, then go to bed.  I'm knackered.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017





Oh today is going to be so good!  Miss Muppet goes back to Kindy, and I get 6 hours a day of PEACE and bloody quiet!

Noise is one of those things that sometimes you just NEED to get away from.

I love it when the house is quiet, and I can just relax and enjoy IT.  I've not had any QUIET in 5 weeks.


I'm thinking of going to Aqua Fit this morning.  If I do, I'm sure I will have Brylee and Griffin in tow... they can spend an hour in the pool while I do the Aqua Fit.

Time to get back into my routine.

I'm not going to Hamilton Patchwork class this term, maybe not at all this year.  I was spending too much time out of the house with various pursuits.

I will stick with the Cambridge group, and Aqua Fit.

Weight Watchers.  I lost .500 grams this week.  Taking my loss for this year to 2.2 kgs.  Not bad considering I've not exactly been totally 'on track', but I have been trying.

I have ONE GOAL this year.  Minus 30 kilos and get into JEANS again.  JEANS.  I would kill to get into jeans again.  I dream about it!  Jeans/t-shirt and sneakers.  My 'fav' outfit.  I WILL DO IT.

 ABOVE:  These two wee boys always make me smile... Bex is so very good at keeping me up to date with what's going on with them.

ABOVE:  These photos made me crack up!  Archer and Dante picking dead skin off Steve's heels!  Bex gave them tweezers to help do it, they look so engrossed in the job. Ewwww.

And on that note, I'm outta here.  Gotta get that wee girl up/fed/dressed and out of here by 8.15 am.


10.50 am:  And we did go to Aqua Fit today.  There were heaps of people there!  Yesterday they had over 60 people, so had to split the group into three.  They didn't do that today, but I think they should have.  Some people couldn't hear the instructions and kept getting behind.

Certainly popular, which is great. 

Home now, had breakfast and ready to jump in the shower.  Then I'm going to relax and make my name badge for Weight Watchers.  It's going to be pretty!  lol

OMG what a lazy day I've had!  Really, I've done NOTHING.  Well... I had a nap.
Then I made my name tag for Weight Watches.
I'm very surprised with myself!


ABOVE:  See?  I didn't bling the living daylights out of it!  It's pretty.  

Stew's in Rotorua today... he's going to have the blistering sun in his face all the way home tonight.

It's a stunning summer's day.  And tomorrow?
It's supposed to be horrendous... a 'weather bomb' sorta day.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Can't imagine it after today's weather.  HOT HOT HOT.

Baaa... sounds like the weather bomb is only going to affect the South Island.  So, no relief up here by the sound of it.

Time to head off to bed.  

Monday, January 16, 2017


First up for today, both Stew and I have diabetes eye checks.
Because they have to put drops in our eyes, we can't drive afterwards for some time, so Stew's taken the day off work.

Later on this week we have two more 'medical' appointments, so it will be three in a row.

Don't you find 'things' go in 3's?

I certainly do.

Three births, three deaths, three car accidents and so on!

It's weird.

My eye appointment is at 9.45, so Stew is going to drive me to the clinic and home again.  When it's his turn an hour later, he will walk to the clinic and home again.

Luckily, the clinic is not that far from our home, so it won't be a long walk for him. Hopefully he doesn't walk into a lamp post on his way home!  lol  😏

After our appointments, I will be heading out with Brylee for a while at some point during the day.  'Girly' stuff to attend to.

Then I can relax for the rest of the day all going well.


Well... our eye appointments were straightforward, still got dilated pupils, so our eyes are fairly light sensitive.  But getting better.

I'm off out again soon with Brylee.  We might even get some shopping done while out... Brylee LOVES Mitre 10!

There's a really CUTE guy who works there on the weekends, and sometimes on weeks days too.  'nuf said. 😆💜💙💚

All good news today.  Bry's little 'problem' is JUST FINE.  Nothing nasty to worry about.  Not going into specifics, this is just to let those in the know ... know.  *smiles*

ANON!  Really?  Your comment is not even worth answering.  

Bloody tired... so  is Stew.  My eyes feel like they have sand in them... gritty and sore.
We are both going to bed early ...

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Fingers crossed... we are expecting wet weather today.
We hope so anyway.

With any luck it will cool things down a bit.

We really should have gone to the lake yesterday, but neither of us felt like it.  We are both tired.  Him back to work, and me not getting a break from having to get up early every day.

I think I will have to get one of the big kids to take a sleep in OFF, and give me a break.

Clearly it won't be today.  Or tomorrow.

Stew and I both have diabetes eye exams tomorrow morning.  A pain in the butt, but necessary for good health.

I think I will talk Stew into going into Hamilton some time today.  I need 5 more larger size frames for tiles, and some more hooks for the back of the frames too.  Other than that, everything is pretty much done with them.

Funny how I thought I would give alcohol inking a 'go' and now I've got 30+ freakin' tiles!
And I haven't even tried it on PAPER yet!  Nuts.

At least if they don't sell at the craft fair, I've got all next Christmas's presents done!  lol

OK... off to start the day, feed that kid, bla bla bla.


1.45 pm:  And we have been into Hamilton, bought the few things I needed, done a mini grocery grab, had some lunch and come home again.

The promised rain has arrived.  It's lovely, no having to put the sprinklers on today.

Hanging out till Tuesday so BAD.  Keera goes back to Kindy!
OMG her need to be talking, talking, talking ALL THE BLOODY TIME is doing my fucking head in.
ROLL. ON. TUESDAY.  And if that makes me a dreadful Grandma, too bad.

Stew and I ended up watching a movie that was of no interest to us at all at the beginning, but it turned out quite interesting!  'White Lies', and New Zealand film. 

Time for bed.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Keera got tired of dressing her dolls yesterday.

ABOVE:  So poor Tallulah got 'dressed' too.
I saved the dog before she died of heat exhaustion.
Not long after, Keera packed a mental and ended up in bed early, the long, hot afternoons are getting to everyone.

Today is supposed to be the same, then tomorrow some relief with, (predicted), wet weather on the way.  Yaaaa.

As for today... meh.  Don't know.  I will probably paint the next batch of backing boards for the ink painting.  

Maybe Stew has some ideas for the day?  Time will tell...


Oh yeah... what do ya think of this one?...

ABOVE:  I did this one the other night, and just love it. YES, it's bloody blue, but still ... so cool!

1.26 pm:  So we have stayed home and just chilled.
I've made a few more tiles:

ABOVE:  The first one is going to be a painting, the next three will be trivets.  

NO, I won't be making coasters, tile or patchwork.  Too many people make coasters to sell already.

Stew is out mowing the lawns, it's stinkin' hot.  I've not ventured outdoors at all.
I've got several more tiles framed ready for sale, and about 4 more drying, they will be trivets.

And I'm not making any more till after my stall.  No point making any more, in case they don't sell.

Stew has sorted dinner for today.  Sausages on the BBQ, home made coleslaw and home made potato salad.  What a man.  He cooks at least one night a week so I'm thankful for that.

Bedtime early tonight, I'm so tired!
Dinner was lovely btw, Stew did a good job.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Today I've got my 2nd hair appointment here in Cambridge.
I am sure it will go well. I'm not superstitious... luckily cos it's Friday the 13th. 

The other thing that might happen today is... I get my car back?

They said they would have it 'all week'... so if you are talking about a full 'working week', then I expect to get it back today.  

I can't wait to see it all pretty and fixed again!

I am paying a bit more, on top of the insurance excess, to have them fix up as many of the surface scratches and stone chips on my car that they can get out.  I'm hopeful they have managed to get heaps done.

While I'm at the hairdressers, the two big kids will look after Miss Muppet for me.  No way I'm taking her with me.

And that's it for now.  Catch you later.


I have to say it... the girl at Empire Hair is THE BEST hairdresser I've ever had!
She is fast, she listens and she gets my hair bang on how I like it!
AND the price is right too. 

Today's hair:

ABOVE:  All credit to Griffin for the fabulous photo!  Brylee took some too, but none were as flattering as this one.

I hate having my photo taken... so to get a nice one is just neat.

It's now nearly midday and I still haven't got any washing on... so that's next on my list of 'to do's'.

4.07 pm:  And the washing is done and hung out, it should be dry in no time.  It's a super hot and windy day.

Keera and I had a play in the yard with the sprinkler on.  It was bliss.

Got a phone call just after I updated here, and my car was ready to be picked up... so I hot footed it down there and got it.

She looks SO MUCH BETTER now!  And they did a fairly good job of buffing out a lot of the scratches and painting over the stone chips in the front too.  I'm wrapt with it.

Now just to avoid any more 'accidents'.  I've now dinged my poor car 3-4 times... enough is enough!  😅's me favourite evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is on, so I've got the family room all to myself... the rest of the family is watching a movie in the lounge.