Friday, December 09, 2016


This week has gone so fast!

Totally relieved it's Friday though... cos I'm feeling really tired.

Having to be ready to get out the door by 8.15 am is still taking some time to get used to.

Luckily, Kindy finishes soon (21st), then we will get a 4 week break before it starts again.

Griffin is due home this afternoon... we have missed him.  The fridge and pantry... not so much.  lol

Today I am going to make a start on Christmas present wrapping.  It's not going to take so long this year as I've kept gifts to a minimum for once.

No more going broke ... there's just too many family members now!  And I must say it, birthdays come around too fast too.

Dante will be 4 in just over a week!  Bloody hell... 4!  Where did those years go?  


11.51 am:  Well I went down town to get a 'few' last minute things to fill the gaps in the Christmas presents list.

I only needed a few things!  Seriously.

Came out $548 poorer!  Bloody hell, how does it rack up so damn fast?  I know.  6 kids. 13 grandkids. Husband. Mother. 

Wrapping paper/cellotape/bows/labels. Chocolates!  I needed about 22 boxes of chocolates!  And that was just to cover immediate family.  Sheesh.

NEXT year I am going to JUST GIVE EVERYONE CHOCOLATES!  I will still be broke.

Half and hour till I have to pick up Keera from Kindy.   No time to start wrapping presents right now.  Time to relax for a moment.

Yeah right.  I just remembered I've got a load of towels to hang out.  Or in.  The weather has been very fickle the past couple of days.  Might just use that indoor clothesline.

AllyS Melb:  You asked my yesterday what was the citronella gel I have for the table top burner:

ABOVE:  this is it.  I hope you can find it in Melbourne.

 ABOVE:  Strawberries!  Every day.  Fresh. 

 ABOVE: Anyone need some parsley?  I can help  ya.  *smiles*  I'm using the spring onions, they are so neat to add to salads and so on.

ABOVE:  I found something to put in our blue glass jar.  Dead twigs from a flax out the front, and my crystal 'tree'.  Nice?  It's hard to get a good photo of the crystal tree sadly, but take my work for it, it looks really cute.

LYNDA:  The man at Mitre 10 said it was.  I hope it is!

Time to sign off... it's been a super hot, draining afternoon.  Gawd summer is going to be a killer.

Thursday, December 08, 2016


Bit of this 'n' that:

 ABOVE:  Our gardens have been looking PERFECT for about a week now.  No bark raked off at all.... so we conclude that it's not being done by cats or random small birds.

It's been done by them chickens!  So, if we have a bloody mess again from them, and I can catch them at it and get 'evidence', I will be sending Stew over there to talk to them.

 ABOVE:  I'm totally getting into the Christmas mood.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Yesterday:  Cows over the neighbour's back fence, which I can see from my patio, meandering friggin chickens, and a hedgehog!

He was on the driveway and we kinda made him roll into a ball.  Poor little bugger, he was shit scared of us I'm sure.

I heard from Griffin last night, all is going well on his camp.  Today is very action packed for him... so I shall keep my fingers crossed everything goes well.  I always worry far too much when kids are on these sorts of trips.

Plans for today?  Meh... don't know.  There's plenty of housework to do, but that's so bloody BORING.  I'm sure I can find something semi-interesting to do... eventually.  *smiles*


My morning has gone a bit like this:

- Keera to kindy
- Order art shit online
- Look at 'housework'
- Lie on couch and go to sleep for an hour or so
- Wake up, panic thinking I've slept too long and Keera is at Kindy waiting for me!

DERRR... it's only 11 am.

Panic over.

Do some bloody housework.  Get Brylee to do some too.

Have 15,000 hot flushes and wish I was in Antarctica!  *** since going off a certain medication, I don't sleep much at night anymore, hence so tired during day now***


How's your's going?

3.15 pm:  And I've been a bit busier this afternoon.
After picking up Keera, we went down to our local Mitre 10 for some rubbing alcohol, so I could put some command hooks on walls etc.
Found something else for summer:

ABOVE:  It's a table top burner, you add a thick citronella gel and light it... then hopefully no mosquitoes?
I hope it works, cos the mozzies are starting to show up now.

Best thing... another thing that was the last in the shop, and I got $35 off the price.  I've been a bit lucky with prices of things lately!

Griffin rang, he's having a blast.  Snowplanet this afternoon, I hope he doesn't get too cold.

Heard from Griffin... Snowplanet WAS cold, but he's fine.  

Quiet evening... ate too much dinner and now feel ill.  I will never learn!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


ABOVE:  There's a special little guy under this Christmas tree!
We hope to see him in the New Year, he's got a new home with his family too.  They moved to Papamoa, the lucky buggers!  We would love to live that close to the beach one day.

But not yet!  We hope to enjoy our new home for a long time to come yet!

 ABOVE:  Tallulah, watching in hope I will give her something off my plate.  Doesn't happen very often!  
She's adorable.

 ABOVE:  Someone's heading off to camp...

ABOVE:  Yeah, this guy is.  He's off to Orewa (up past Auckland) on a three day, end of year camp.  Swimming, rock climbing, snowboarding and camping among other things.

I am sure he will have a wonderful time.

ABOVE:  he's a gorgeous boy, even with funny faces.

Today?  Once I've dropped Griffin and Keera at their respective places, it's home, pick up Brylee and off to Aqua Fit.

Then home to sand off some drips so I can close the bathroom unit's drawer, then get it back into our bathroom.  I MIGHT be able to do it with our hand truck?

If not, it will have to wait till Stew gets home.


Well... I 'suggested' the guys put the bathroom unit in my bathroom before they left for work/school:

 ABOVE:  before...

ABOVE:  after.
What do ya think now?  
I think it looks AWESOME.  And I will be getting new knobs for it ... pretty crystal ones.  Cos I like BLING!

4.01 pm: Well it's been a much quieter day today.... Brylee and I went to Aqua which was lovely.  The water was much cooler today, so more refreshing.

After that we came home, got cleaned up and went into Hamilton for a couple of things.

Knobs!  Found some, and a couple of hooks too.  Haven't had a chance to put them on yet, so no photo.  It will happen!  *smiles*

I also found a few more Christmas decorations:

 ABOVE:  The white leather decorations are for the tree, and the bell garland? I'll find a place for it!

Right... I'm off to put dinner in the oven (mutton chops)  then fix those knobs and hooks in the bathroom.

ABOVE:  Done.  Hook for hanging towel/clothes on, and pretty knobs.  No, they don't match the existing cabinet handles, and I'm fine with that.

It is a totally separate piece of furniture after all.

Dinner is smelling rather yum.  Whoops! We will have plenty of left overs, Griffin is away!  Totally forgot that he wouldn't be here when I got the meat out.  Oh well... lamb chops for lunch anyone?  lol

I'm rather sore after today's Aqua Fit!  Arms and legs/hips.  Must be doing something right eh?

Sign off time.  It's been a lovely day... which ended with an awesome chat with family in Auckland.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Ever since I dyed my hair brown, I've not felt 'right' in myself.
In fact, I've hated my hair so much I had been doing nothing with it at all.

No straightening, no curls.  Nothing.

I would look in the mirror and tell myself it was NEAT not having re-growth... but under it all I felt YUCK.

Totally not myself, not happy at all.

So when one of the ladies I do Aqua Fit with told me about a salon here in Cambridge,  offering a $99 Christmas special on colours/foils, I jumped at the chance.

And they could do my hair yesterday afternoon!

So... I got it done.

ABOVE:  It's a work in progress.  It will take about two more appointments to get it back how I like it... so by February I should be really happy with it.

Right now there's some funky shit going on where Lacy put the pink and purple stripes in... part of it has gone green, some is back to pink... weird.  I don't mind that though.  It's funky... right?  *smiles*

OH!  Best thing?  We negotiated a price I'm happy with, and it's much, much cheaper than the other two salons I got quotes from, and it's  way cheaper than going back to Auckland to get it done there. SCORE!

ABOVE:  Too cute not to share... Steve bathing his boys last night.  I wonder who enjoys the bubbles more?

Today my only JOB is to paint that freakin' bathroom unit.  I ain't doing another bloody thing till it's done.


Some people are just so ... sad and pathetic.  If blonde hair is so ageing, how come MOST older women have blonde/grey hair and look LOVELY?

I believe as long as you are happy with how you look, no one has the right to tell you any different.  Well... as long as you ain't looking like a hag... as I'm sure ANONYMOUS looks.

Only jealous and mean spirited people attack others for no good reason, except to be nasty.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...."

LYNDA:  Yes, I got about 8 inches cut off the length about a month ago.  It desperately needed it, and it was simply TOO long!

My painting is going... so-so.  The undercoat kept clogging up and stopping the sprayer from working, but I persevered and it's getting better.  

Waiting for the undercoat to dry now before putting the first coat of top coat on.

ABOVE: Brylee wears these slippers, inside and sometimes outside in the yard, ALL THE TIME.
Now I don't mind that she's wearing stinking hot slippers in summer, her feet an' all... but OMG... she drags and slides them along the floor when she walks.

The noise has finally done my head in... and I'm about to take them off her and throw them on the roof where she can't get them back!  Or maybe I better just hide them?

Can't have the silly little tart trying to get on the roof I suppose.  *sigh*

I wonder if the neighbours will hear her screams when I yank them off her feet?  ha ha ha!

12.31 pm: The damn paint is taking FOREVER to dry!  And it's only the undercoat!  Oh well... I have managed to get heaps of other things done while waiting.

Tidied my sewing room so I could actually get in the door!  Sorted out Christmas presents, found the gaps and wrote a list.  Just a few odds 'n' ends to get now.

Brylee didn't scream when I removed her slippers!  Totally didn't expect compliance, nope, not at all.

FFS ANON:  Give it up!  Me an 'old lady'?... like hell!  I'm a middle aged Crabby Tart.  And as for having age appropriate hair length, who the fuck said 'old ladies' couldn't have long hair?

I will NEVER have short hair, and god help anyone who tries to cut it when I am actually OLD!  Family.... be aware.

AND... I don't think I look OLD at all!  Pffffft.

Over this shit now!  Moving on... I've finally managed to get the 1st top coat on the bathroom unit.  It's looking good.
I will be very happy when it gets back in the bathroom, I've got towels and stuff all over the freakin' floor.

Yaaa, I got the last coat on the bathroom unit tonight.  So, it's got all night to dry and set.

Dinner tonight was bacon and spring onion rice risotto... it was delicious.  Stew is having left overs for lunch tomorrow.

Time to sign off for the day.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your lovely comments about my latest hair colouring.

Monday, December 05, 2016


I think the tree I've come up with this year is the best one I've done!

I got my inspiration from this guy:

ABOVE:  He was in a tree at the Christmas Heirloom Shop at The Base, and I just had to get him!

Our tree:

ABOVE:  Everyone likes the tree, just as well as it took Brylee and me a good couple of hours to get it done!

I must show you what Stew did for me yesterday afternoon too:

ABOVE:  He hung this new drop down clothesline in the garage. Now I have a really good clothesline to use over the long, wet Waikato winters.

Lastly for now:

ABOVE:  I. JUST. HAD. TO. DO. IT.... Now their beds look festive too!  
And I better take the cardboard off the bottom of the legs too... looks a bit naff leaving it on eh?  lol

Today?   Griffin to school, Keera to kindy, then Brylee and I will go swimming.

After that, home to paint the bathroom unit.

With, (hopefully), a tiny bit of the darker wood showing through on edges.  Kinda old distressed look, but not FULL ON distressed like things I've done before.

I have no intention of denting it, or giving it an 'old weathered' look.  It's too new to do that to it!


Swimming (Aqua aerobics) was lovely again today.  35 of us in the group today, and the water and weather were stunning!  I did two laps of the pool after the class, breast stroke and freestyle.  Gets the heart pumping that's for sure.  

Now?  Jobs.  Got to grab some essential groceries.  Rubbing alcohol so we can put up some Command Strips.  Then home to spray the undercoat on that bathroom unit.

So.  Busy.

Well I didn't do the undercoat... because while we were in town I checked out something one of the ladies at Aqua Fit told me about.
And I ended up going to an appointment instead.

It meant picking Keera up early from Kindy, and Brylee babysat her while I was out.

Now I'm home from that appointment, and will show you what it was ... tomorrow!  lol
I love keeping you in suspense.

It's 5.25 pm, and it's time to get dinner on.  We are having venison sausages, coleslaw, braised asparagus and wedges tonight.   Oh and garlic bread!

It was YUM.  Time to wind down, and try to keep cool.  It's stinking hot inside this room tonight... the sun beams in here ALL DAY.  Stifling.  Thank goodness we have air con.

Sunday, December 04, 2016


So... what did we get yesterday, aside from the little fish bowl?

 ABOVE:  new beds for the dogs!  We saw them and just could not resist them!  They are actually cat beds, but well... we won't tell the girls that.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  We wanted additional storage in our bathroom, so found this tall wooden unit at Early Settler... it was half price.  Too good to pass it up.

Question?  I'm tempted to paint it white.  What do you think?  Paint it, or leave it.  I'm just not sure.

 ABOVE: The new umbrella in use.  It's tilt ability is what sold it to me.  I can now block out the sun when it's really low in the sky.

It means sitting outdoors is going to be very enjoyable.

ABOVE:  More surprises coming up in the garden.  There seems to be quite a few of these lillies dotted around the property... even in the lawns!  Very pretty.

And that's all I have for now.

We are heading back into Hamilton this morning to return the Christmas Lights I bought the other day.  The shop assistant has given me the wrong colour lights.  So, should be able to swap them no problem ... I hope.

ONWARD...  5.14 pm: and clearly I've been busy today!

I went into town and swapped the lights.  I  had to get multi coloured lights at the end of the day as they didn't have linking bright white ones, which is what I really wanted.  Never mind, the coloured ones are pretty too.

While I was out, Stew went to Mitre 10 and got a few things he needed to finish a job in the garage.

Then he trimmed our side of the hedges with his new hedge trimmer.  It did a good job:

ABOVE:  The trimmed hedges make the yard look bigger I reckon.

ABOVE:  Tweeking the gardens a bit... and so happy with how they are looking.  Bex... look at our lettuces!

ABOVE:  This feijoa tree was already here, and it's going to have a bumper crop of fruit this season! 

I can't believe how HAPPY I feel about our new garden and home!  Everything is PERFECT.

Brylee and I got the Christmas tree in the lounge decorated finally, but I will hold off showing you till tomorrow, so I have something to put on the blog! lol

I haven't had time to think about the bathroom unit yet, but I WILL be painting it.  Maybe tomorrow?

I have roast pork in the oven, it's smelling wonderful!  Time to get the veges on.

Dinner was delicious!  You really can't beat roast pork.
Quiet evening... everyone's tired.  Off to bed shortly.

Saturday, December 03, 2016


*sigh*.... I didn't get to it last night, felt a bit ikkk... so did nothing about the 'main' Christmas tree.

ABOVE:  The tree that's waiting...

 ABOVE:  waiting,  to have all these put on it.  But first, I have to get the lights on.  Why do I loathe putting decorations on trees... well the bigger trees?

It is gunna have to wait until after lunch.  We have the grocery shopping to do this morning.
I've put THAT particular job off for a few weeks too!

ABOVE:  Lacy having dinner last night... she's clearly doing well physically now.  She's a good weight now... so good to see.

ABOVE:  Our girls after their grooms.  They are so much happier now. 


So, we went into town.  We had a small 'look and price' list.

We looked and looked, and then we found and bought one thing on the list, then another, then another.

So, a successful shopping trip.  Stew and Griffin have gone back into Hamilton now to pick up a couple of our purchases.

Some things we bought were not even on the list... were not even necessary.  But, oh well... fell in love with them.

Now I have several painting jobs.  And that bloody tree still needs decorating too.

Keera is having a nap.  Brylee is vacuming (much to her disgust) and I'm about to hang out yet more washing.  

ABOVE:  First purchase?  Dunno... but we got the smaller fish bowl to go with the big fish bowl.  Had to do it!  Can see lollies in it, so people can add their own lollies to their dessert from the big bowl.  OR....or, you could have a seafood salad on a bed of lettuce in the big fish, and shrimps in the little one!

I will show you what else we bought later... once the guys get them home.


Yeah, nah.  I'm going to sign off for the day, and show stuff tomorrow. We just had a wonderful BBQ under our new umbrella.  So lovely outside in the early evening, having a dinner cooked by the man, sipping my first Bacardi and Coke for the year!

Friday, December 02, 2016


Yesterday Brylee and I went out to the local shops, on the hunt for a round Christmas Wreath for the front door.

No luck here in Cambridge.

Sooooo.... this morning I am taking both dogs into Animates in Te Rapa, Hamilton for a groom.
While they are there, I will pop into the Christmas Heirloom Shop in The Base and see what they have.

All going well... I will find one that's lovely.

Then I will pop home to pick up Keera from Kindy, then go back to Hamilton to pick up the dogs.

I'm asking them to clip them VERY SHORT, so they are more comfortable over summer.  Right now, they both look like sheep!

While there, I will be picking Lacy up so she can spend some time with us and Keera.

Last night, Griffin got home from his school Drama performance... looking like this:

 ABOVE:  I'm picking he was a wise old man or a shepard?  lol  Sadly, we missed seeing his performance due to timing muck ups.

After dinner, I got Stew to put up our one and only string of outside Christmas lights.  I hope to get more some time... but probably not this year.

ABOVE:  Not exactly spectacular at all, but it's something!

ABOVE:  I AM happy with my 'picture' window display.  

ABOVE:  My neighbour's lights, so pretty.  They flash and change colours.  That's what I'd like one day.


Yeah.... my outside string of lights sucks.  The photo shows how INSIGNIFICANT they are.  Bummer.

Well... I had a good morning!  

Got some housework done, then took the dogs to the groomers. Then I went to the Christmas Heirloom Shop at The Base and found a front door Christmas Wreath and some new lights for the big tree.

I've picked up Lacy and she is going to put up the big tree while I go back into Hamilton later to pick up the dogs.  Oh and of course, she will look after Keera so I don't have to take her in with me too.

Now.  The new door wreath.  I was so tempted to go with a blue and white one... but I resisted and got this:

ABOVE:  I went for it because it was a bit different, and more a traditional colour way.
What do you think of it?  
I might add a few more 'bits' to it myself yet.

Well... Lacy got all the decoration unpacked, so I could put them on the tree tonight.   I found some blue stuff for the wreath:

 ABOVE:  Blue added... now it looks more like MINE.

 ABOVE:  I have a little tree for the dining table.  It has little green and blue lights, but ya can't hardly see them in this photo.

ABOVE:  And finally (for now) a cute wee dancing tree.  He sings "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" and dances and sways.  He's for the kids to enjoy.

Ikkkk... ate too much tonight.  First time in weeks I've done that and regretted it.
Live and learn.

Another day tomorrow.