Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Well I finished the donkey wall hanging last night, and not too late either!  I got to bed well before midnight for a change.

ABOVE:  I love him!  He's so colorful and cute.

I would like to make a start on the camel next, but I'm almost out of Steam a Seam.  Spotlight don't sell it.  Donna's quilt studio is closed down.  The next option is Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  *sigh*

They charge more than anywhere else I bet.
The options for getting sewing supplies is dwindling rapidly. 

I might have to go out there though cos I really do need more Steam a Seam.

Really missing Brylee now.  She's been away at Steve and Bex's for 10 days now.  That's the longest she's ever been away from us.  I'm looking forward to the weekend when we are going up to get her.  *smiles*  I wonder if she's missed us?  Probably not.

I forgot to mention yesterday... I got an email from the Canon NZ Helpdesk, saying they had received my email and would be looking into my problem.  They assured me that my camera WAS tested before it was sent back... to which I replied (in a very polite way)... BULLSHIT! 
So... let's see how long it takes for them to actually fix my camera AND my lens!

OK... I'm off now.  Will be heading over to Gordonton I suppose.  


10.09 am:  it's been one of those mornings where I just fluff around the house, tidying this, straightening that, happily pottering!
I don't have to go out now either.

My lovely neighbour 'A' is going to Grandmother's Garden and offered to get me some Steam A Seam while she's there.
So I just have to go down the road and get her some cash.

So... I'll go do that now, then I can get on with my next sewing project.

I went down to our local Countdown... cos Cranky said yesterday that they might stock threads.  And...

ABOVE:  They do!  So now I know if I am ever lacking a thread I can at least find something here in Cambridge.  It's not thread I would use on a quilt, but certainly OK for small projects.

It's lunchtime now, so I'm having some food, then I will get into the sewing room. 

Monday, January 22, 2018


I stayed up rather late last night cos ... well, I started that little donkey didn't I?

ABOVE:  I got carried away and got most of the applique done... just have the hooves to go.  I would have done them last night only I don't have any brown thread!  Drat.

Isn't he gorgeous!

Now... photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Isn't Jacqui stunning!

 ABOVE:  Young Joel... I had to threaten to sit on his face to make him smile!  He smiled HEAPS after that threat I can tell you!  *snort*
Like I would!

 ABOVE: My pretty bowl of shells... taken just cos they are pretty... and I have a proper camera again!  Loving the camera.

 ABOVE:  My darling man.  He got a bit sunburnt outside yesterday while gardening.

 ABOVE:  Yummy dessert from last night.

ABOVE:  Miss Sofia Grace... who didn't want her photo taken... but I still managed to get plenty of her!  Very photogenic family are the C's.

Funny... I didn't get a photo of Martyn yesterday, or Griffin.  Oh well, next time.

Now I mentioned a photo shoot didn't I?
Well our Fat Bottomed Girls Group are going to be in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine!  And today the photographer is coming to take various photos of our group in town.  So... I have to get myself all presentable and head off into town before lunchtime to join the other girls.  What fun!

Now I better go and sort out my face/hair/clothes!


3.11 pm:  And... we were very lucky and the rain held off till this afternoon.  So the photo shoot went well, we had a good turnout of ladies.

It was neat to see so many of them again.  After the photos, a few of us had a coffee in town before heading home/back to work.

I came home and had a play with the puppies for a little while, then got on with my next job.

ABOVE:  making a large quantity of Macaroni Cheese.  I'm putting it in freezable dishes and giving it to a friend who is very unwell.  There's a group of us doing this as she's not up to cooking for her family right now.  

I always add bacon and onion to my mac cheese, I hope they like it!

ABOVE:  We are starting to see more and more of these little beasties around the house.  Ikkk.... hadn't seen any for months.  Now?  All over the place.  Maybe the house needs to be sprayed with repellent again.  

I saw my neighbour 'A' over the fence just now and asked her if there was anywhere AT ALL in Cambridge that sells cotton?  NOPE!
I need some brown for the donkey's hooves... and she gave me some.  Yaaa!

I will of course buy some for myself next time I'm in town, but for now I only need a little bit.

I think I will be making a list of colours that I don't have and making sure I've got them so I don't get stuck with no specific colour again.

It's another one of those ikky, sticky days, though it has started to drizzle a bit so has cooled a little.  This summer is turning out to be just dreadful!  We may 'only' get temperatures in the high 20's, low 30's, but when you add a humidity factor of 97-98%... it is unbearable.

I'm stinkin' hot after cooking ... so am taking a break for a while.

A quiet evening... did some sewing, finished the donkey wall hanging.  It's now just after 11 and I'm having an early night.  

Sunday, January 21, 2018


The new camera lens is taking some working out!
It has a very shallow depth of field, which means it focus's on what you point it at, and you only get a clear shot of that.

So, if that 'something' is close to you, you get something like this:

ABOVE:  Yesterday's pizza... only the front piece is in focus, everything else is blurred.  This was taken close up.

ABOVE:  Last night's sewing, this time the camera focused on the red fabric, so the pattern behind is blurred.

ABOVE:  In this shot I focused on Coco, who was a bit further away, so the photo is all in focus. 

There is no zoom... which is taking a lot of getting used to!  So, I am fairly limited in my photography for now.  It will be fine though, at least I have a decent camera to use again.  So thankful.

Last night, at around 11.30 pm I decided it was cool enough to go into the sewing room.  I thought I would start the Donkey wall hanging.  I traced out the pattern onto Steam a Seam, but then decided it was just too late to do any more.  The heat is so draining!  I was knackered, so buggered off to bed.

I will get back to it today.  

We are expecting Martyn and Jacqui sometime today, they are coming over to do some shopping.  So that will be lovely.

And on that note, I'm outta here, got some housework to get done, then sewing.


KAREN FROM SYDNEY:  Thank you for your 'HOW TO PARENT' comment yesterday.  I won't be publishing it.

YES... I have moaned about Griffin being a lazy teenager on many occasions, but having raised 7 others, 6 who are now fully functioning adults, I don't think I need a lecture on how to parent effectively. 

I am positive 90% of normal teenagers act exactly the same way!  If I want Griffin to do something for me, he does eventually do it.  

It is the school holidays here right now, there really is no point getting said teenager out of bed early if there is no reason to.

Plenty of time for him to grow up and become an adult, they are kids for such a short time.  I don't think we are harming him by letting him sleep in during the holidays!

Yep... clearly I need to stop moaning about it/him!  *smiles*

PENNY:  Being the sort of parent who does not make idle promises/threats, there's been a few kids have a freezing cold glass of water tipped over their heads while still in bed over the years!
I think the last kid who had that done to them was Brylee... pretty sure that was the last time she refused to get out of bed when asked!

Best thing, when you actually follow through and are a CONSISTENT parent, your kids learn to believe what you say, and soon learn to tow the line.  

While this may sound harsh and cruel, you only ever have to do it once... I'm not a namby pamby sorta parent.  Never have been, never will be.

The table in the garage was bugging me.  It had paint splotches all over it (my bad)... so in between doing housework for most of the day, I painted it.

ABOVE:  I couldn't get far enough back to get a full photo of it... but ya get the gist.  It's looking lovely now!  Better remember to cover it next time I do any painting though.

Time to take a break, I've been on the go all day.  So has Stew.  He did the gardening and mowed the lawns.  Griffin hung out two loads of washing and vacumed the house. So a busy Sunday.

Well for the rest of the day we had Martyn, Jacqui and their two children visiting.  I did roast chickens, lettuce salad and garlic bread for dinner, followed by Pavlova, cream and fresh fruit provided by M & J.  Dinner was lovely!

After they left I had a young neighbour pop in who's a FBG girl.  She was borrowing one of my FBG t-shirts for tomorrow.  Tell you about that tomorrow.

For now... it's (SHIT!) ... 1.34 in the morning I should be in bed.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Two things on my immediate agenda today.

1.  Return my camera to Snapshot, where they can check it and confirm it's not working properly.  Then it can go back to Canon for REPAIR again.   Grrrr.

2.  Return the lens I bought yesterday.  There is NO point me having a lens with no camera!  

By the time my camera is FIXED properly, the original lens SHOULD be fixed too eh?  I will scream if it's not!  

So... after we sort that shit out... I think I will be in need of a nice lunch!  No doubt we will end up somewhere at the mall.   Maybe it will be just Stew and I too?

Getting Griffin out of bed before 11 am now days is almost impossible!  

I'm looking forward to this afternoon.  I am going to make a start on the little donkey wall hanging.  That should bring my mood up.  *smiles*

Oh and I will also get Kelly's camera out and give it a whirl.  It's got to be better than my phone!  Fingers crossed.


2nd time in almost 3 months... I did the splits again!  This time I slipped on the wet garage floor as I was cleaning it, went down on my left knee, right leg went totally the other way, banged my head on the cross trainer and twisted my left shoulder... so I'm a bit wobbly on me feet right now!

Luckily no major damage done (I think), just my dignity took a battering.  What a twit.  Perhaps I should just stop mopping the floor?  lol

We will be heading into town in the next hour or so... might try waking the teenager to see if he wants to join us.

FANTASTIC RESULT AT SNAPSHOT HAMILTON!  They tested my camera and new lens and within 30 seconds the guy had the same problem as me!  So, they are sending it back to Canon.

They have been very proactive, and had already sent a couple of emails to Canon explaining the problem, and insisting that they work on my camera immediately, and NOT put it at the bottom of the queue!

AND... AND... OMG the owner of the shop GAVE ME A LOANER camera to use FOR FREE!!!  It is exactly the same camera as mine, so I know how to use it.

I nearly cried.  I'm so delighted to have a proper camera to use while mine is getting repaired.  AGAIN.

In fact, we are all of the opinion the repair person just put the battery door back on and nothing else!  They didn't even bother to dust or wipe over the camera!  Useless.  They had it 11 weeks, and they sure in hell hadn't 'fixed' it!

So, Boooo to Canon, and Yaaaa to Snapshot Hamilton!

After that we went for lunch at The Foundation at The Base.  Always consistently good food and service there.

Home now... bloody tired and sore all over.  A nap is called for!  

I did take some photos with the loaner camera and my little lens (which I will be keeping now)... but will edit them later and post a couple or 10!  *laughing*

 ABOVE:  What clarity!  Amazing, gorgeous photo taken with my loaner and new lens, a 'nifty 50'.

 ABOVE:  Not quite so good with flowing water, but still OK.

ABOVE:  Best for close up portrait and flowers/still life.  

The 50 mm lens is really cute!  

OMG today is stinkin' hot, and almost no wind, we are just melting.  I tried to have a nap, but just lay there drenched in sweat.  Horrible.

We don't even feel like dinner... Stew suggested we have some crackers and dips.  Excellent idea.

So it was so hot in the house we turned the air conditioning on ... what a relief!  But it was too hot for me to do any sewing tonight.  I've just watched TV and YouTube videos all night.  
Hopefully it's a bit cooler tomorrow.

Friday, January 19, 2018


I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you!

All I have lately is pictures of wall hangings and mug rugs/bunny's!

But, that's about all I am doing right now, so here's the one I traced out last night:

ABOVE:  This one was a right bitch to copy from the smaller pattern.  Maybe I shall take the next one into a copy center to upsize, it sure would be easier!

I've got my hopes up that my camera will be back in the shop for pick up today too.  I have asked them to return the camera, it's fixed.  The lens is not ready yet though, so I am going to buy a very cheap lens so I can at least use my camera again!

I am utterly OVER using my mobile phone's camera and Steve's little one, neither takes photos that I am happy with.  Oh I do so hope it's back today!

I will hang off going in until late morning, to see if Snapshot call me to say my Camera is back ... I'll do some housework and wait and see.


9.35 am:  Just had a quick visit from our son Russell.  He was in agony with gout in his left foot!  He had to lie back and put his leg in the air to get some relief, not that it helped much.

Does ANYONE know of a remedy/pain relief for gout?  Any ideas welcome!

It's a bit early to expect to hear from the camera shop, so back to housework...

Still no phone call... might have to ring them myself.  Grrrr.  

I meant to show you my toes!
Yep, me toes.  After my last walk, the one I took with Stew in the pouring rain... my big toes were hurting badly.  I think it had something to do with the fact my shoes got soaked and I was walking differently to compensate for the scrunched up inner soles ? ...

ABOVE:  So my right big toe nail is probably going to fall off eventually... it's bruised all down one side.  The left big toe isn't as bad, but it is still bruised too.  The bruising doesn't show up as bad as it actually is in the photo though.

It took ages for them to stop hurting.  I'm wondering if it was partly caused by the leather 'patches' under the upper part of my sneakers too?  Either way, I will be getting new sneakers soon .. of a different brand I think.  The 'new' sneakers just haven't worked out at all.

3.34 pm:  And I've had a very good trip into Hamilton.
I met up with Kelly and we had lunch together.  she kindly gave me her camera to use in case mine wasn't back yet.

 ABOVE:  Kelly also gave me the fabric above, seems she wasn't about to use it any time soon.  Thanks Kelly!
I got 4 patterns up-sized for the princely sum of ... get this!  $1.20 !  I was rather happy with that, and it took about 40 seconds.  Sure beats me spending an hour trying to get one drawn, by hand, myself.

ABOVE:  I went to Spotlight and got some fabrics for wall hangings, the grey for the donkely and the cream for the camel.  I even remembered to get grey thread too... cos I sure don't have any of that either.

Before I left Hamilton I rang Snapshot, just to make sure my camera hadn't come in today.  They said on Tuesday AND Wednesday they would text me if it was in.
Well it WAS IN, and they said they had tried to text me???  Whatever, I didn't get no text ... I went and picked it up, then bought a very cheap (but probably handy to have) lens and came home a happy girl.

OH I also got a dog whistle for Denim, but I don't think she can hear it.  So it might be me doing all the whistling after all.

I AM BEYOND UPSET RIGHT NOW.  My camera is not working properly AT ALL. It keeps turning itself off with an ERROR message.  I can't use the flash.  And the photos have a horrible bright blurr over most of them!  I have sent a message to Canon telling them I am sending it back!  

Will be going into Hamilton tomorrow to show Snapshot (this is NOT their fault).... and getting my camera sent back to Canon AGAIN.

I could cry.  Seriously let down and unhappy.

We had a silly bugger dinner tonight... sausages, spaghetti and eggs on toast.  Was nice cos I wasn't in the mood to do a 'proper' dinner.

Watching Coronation Street, then bedtime.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Our weather forecast was for rain, and probably plenty of it.  I know a lot of holiday makers won't be happy for it to rain, but I want it to!

It will cool things down.  And the farmers will be happy!  Must not forget the farmers.  *smiles*

Yesterday was quite a bit cooler, cloudy all day... so almost bearable.

Today's mission is a slightly larger wall hanging.
I copied a small pattern of a donkey, and will be working on it today.

ABOVE:  It's a pattern I bought a while ago, but I wanted it to be bigger.  It's not a perfect copy, but that's fine by me. It's good enough.

It's going to take me ages to choose the colours for him!  So... once the morning jobs are done... I will be in the fabric room doing just that.


11.34 am: And it is indeed raining.  But not stormy at all.  Just straight out rain and drizzle.  Not the cooling wind.  YET.  I live in hope we get some wind!

Would you believe I went into my fabric room today and found out I have NO GREY fabric at all!

Not even a tiny bit.  And that's the colour I need for the donkey's body.  So, I've shelved the donkey for the day.

And I started a little Lion instead:

ABOVE:  I've cut out all the fabric and stuck it on the backing fabric, so now to do all the applique.  After lunch.

Which might just be a club sandwich from Fran's Cafe. 

ABOVE:  And another one is done.  Only I forgot to put the eye on the bird... after reminding myself over and over again during construction!  Derrr.
I will be added after dinner.

Dinner is left over pork, re-heated with gravy, mashed potatoes, Peas and Corn and Cauliflower with a cheese sauce.  Sounds yum eh? *smiles*

After dinner it will be 'relax and watch TV' time.  Coronation Street tonight... yaaaa.

Just copied/drew out another cartoon character to make tomorrow... IF I have the right fabrics.  If not, I will go into Hamilton and get some, also the grey for the donkey.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


First of all, THANK YOU for your belated comments yesterday!  I was clearly in a bit of a funk... I don't usually sign off THAT early!

But, it was very nice to have your comments, it confirmed that you were 'out there' reading my drivel after all!  *smiles*

I actually felt quite ill late yesterday afternoon, I don't know why?  I had cooked roast pork for dinner, and couldn't even eat it.  Crackling too!


I've got a little list of things to do in town this morning, which will work in well as I'm meeting up with a couple of Fat Bottomed Girls for morning tea too.  

One of them, 'J', started walking in our group when she was only just pregnant, so her soon-to-be born baby has walked the entire Urban Challenge too!
I'm seeing her and another FBG friend at a local cafe for morning tea.  I'm looking forward to that.

Yesterday I said I would probably work on my display table for the market.  I had thought of putting thin wood on my stand to pin things onto, but I decided fabric would be so much better, cheaper and lighter weight:

ABOVE:  That is NOT the table I will be using btw.  I am going to try and find some cheap plastic boxes to put the mug rugs in, along the front of the display.  The mug rugs will be $6 each, or 4 for $20.  Think that's a fair price?  The wall hangings... well I've not come up with a price for them yet, but probably between $30-$40?

Right, I'm off to do another load of washing, then fluff around the house till it's time to go into town (Cambridge).


Oh yeah... I made this one last night:

ABOVE: Another photo taken at midnight... so not the best lighting.  I must remember to get more dowel today!  

12.51 pm:  Home from town, got all me bits 'n' bobs then met up with Robyn and Johanna for a lovely morning tea and chat.  So nice playing 'ladies'.  *smiles*

Since I got home I've been playing with the pups on the back lawn.

AND... oh so happy... DENIM can hear me whistle!  So,  once she realises it's actually ME calling her, I can train her!  So relieved.  I knew she wasn't totally deaf, but to know I can now get her attention is awesome.

She's totally confused and even frightened of the whistle at the moment, but she will learn and become used to the noise.

I might even try getting one of those dog whistles, that we can't hear... maybe she will hear that?  Then the whole neighbourhood won't have to listen to me whistling... cos I'm LOUD!  lol

I've been mopping the garage floor again... the part that was covered with a large carpet rug.  I've taken up the rug so the dogs can free range in there during the day.

There's always something to clean around here.

Lunchtime... might see how my dinner from last night re-heats!  Griffin and I were going to enjoy a club sandwich from Fran's Cafe, but then I remembered my dinner... so club sandwiches will have to be another day.

Fairly quiet afternoon, spent mucking around in the sewing room mostly.
I found some applique patterns I'd bought a year or two ago and so I've copied and upsized one of the animals to make into a wall hanging tomorrow.

I will show you tomorrow, for now... I need to get on with feeding the guys/me then relaxing for the evening.

The day is done.  I'm done.  Time for bed... it's 12.06 am, so a bit early for me but.. it's too late to be starting anything else, I've just spent the past hour tidying up all the fabrics that had crept into the sewing room... took them all back to the 'fabric' room.  I only want what I'm using right now to be in the sewing room.  Less clutter that way.

It's another day in the morning, plenty of time to start my next wall hanging then.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I wish I didn't wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY feeling like utter shit!

Seriously, I wake up and just feel ill.  It doesn't help that within minutes of waking up I get one of the worst hot flushes of the day... which make me want to throw up/die on the spot.

Damn bloody menopause!  It's now been 13 years of hell.

It looks like I am one of the most unfortunates, who never 'outgrows' menopausal hot flushes.  

But enough bitching.  I just have to grin and bear it for the first hour or two in the morning... till I feel more human and happy.

There's a few odd jobs on my schedule today, mostly mundane shit like washing, cleaning bla bla bla.

My pile of 'logs' in the lounge fireplace (fake fireplace!) need to be nailed together so they stay put, so that's on me list.

Once my jobs are done I shall probably make a start on another little wall hanging.  I want to have about 6 done for the market in February.

Eeeek!  I just booked my place at the market!  I am classed as a 'casual stall holder', so will have to take wherever they put me on the day.
It's going to be either fun, or utterly boring.  Time will tell!
February 11th if you are around... would love to see someone I know! lol

I will remind ya all before the day again. *smiles* 

I better get my table for the market sorted out too... work out how it will all fit and look.  Another odd job for today perhaps.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on...


Well it's taken me a good two hours to get my pile of logs nailed together !
And I also got me washing done.. it's inside as we are supposed to be getting rain at some stage.

Much easier to just put it inside and not worry about checking the sky all the time.

Now... it's almost midday and I'm off to have lunch and a sit down.

Nothing is happening today! No comments even... so I'm signing off for the day.

Yesterday I said what I enjoyed about blogging.  Today I will say this, when there's no comments all day you just feel suckful!  I don't blog to get comments of course, but they do make me feel like I at least have company during the day!

Monday, January 15, 2018


For ME, one of the best things about being a blogger is that it gives my day's purpose.

I can't just get up and do NOTHING.  I have to at least make an effort to do SOMETHING so I have something to put on my blog!

Yes, Seriously!  If I didn't blog, I would get up and just meander through my days, probably not getting any where near as much done as I do!

I love being able to put up my daily projects/accomplishments/and just have somewhere to blabber on about my day!

I plan ahead, like last night I HAD TO get the next wall hanging partly made, so I would have something to put on the blog this morning!

That's how I roll.

So, here's the one I will be working on today:

ABOVE: The colour shows up really horrible in the night light.  I will get a better photo later on today.
I think she's going to be gorgeous.

Today Griffin is off into town, (Cambridge) to meet up with his friends.  I need to go into town too, to pay the Rego for both cars, and then I'm going into Hamilton quickly for some more white fabric for the backings of the wall hangings, and some plain fabric for the reverse side.

I really don't have many plain fabrics at all!  Oh and I also need more dowel. 

Have I ever said what a damn fag it is not having a fabric shop here in Cambridge?  Well.. it is.  Really annoying.  *sigh*

So, that's what I shall be doing today... Shopping and sewing. Catch ya later...


Lunching with daughter Kelly... just bought this:

ABOVE: It's going to be a bit better than a plastic bag on wet walks I hope 😊

So I got my jobs done in town, and also had lunch with Kelly, then I did the grocery shopping and came home.

I asked Griffin to do ONE job before he went out today.  Sweep the kitchen floor.

He did just that...

ABOVE:  He put everything off the kitchen floor, then he swept all the mess onto the carpet.
And then he left!

Like... just left the mess there!  WHAT. WAS. THE. POINT?  I'm rather gobsmacked that he thought THAT was OK!

Just wait till he gets home is all I can say.

I've just got all the groceries out of the car and put away.  Tired now.  Might just put me feet up for a little while. 

So... Griffin arrived home and immediately, before I could even say a word... went and got the vacum and vacumed the floors!  He said he was sorry, he'd totally forgotten to finish the job!  No shit!

So I didn't give him a lecture after all!

It's been a hot and sweaty afternoon ... but thankfully it cooled down a bit in the evening.

I finished the little Rhino wall hanging:

ABOVE:  I knew she would be cute!  Time to stop for the evening.  I'm not starting another one tonight, I am taking a break.